We encourage you to bring your child for their first dental visit by the age of one, or within 6 months after the first teeth being to erupt.  This may seem early, however the tooth decay process can start early.  The great news is that tooth decay is a preventable disease.  With early dental visits for your child, we can help prevent cavities from starting with cleanings, fluoride treatments and education.  

Depending on the age of your child, we provide these services at the first dental appointment and subsequent check ups:

  • Comprehensive examination of the head, neck, mouth and teeth, including an orthodontic evaluation. 
  • Dental cleaning, with the “super toothbrush”; younger children may have their teeth brushed with a regular toothbrush
  • Fluoride treatment to prevent tooth decay, and reverse early cavities
  • Fillings, sealants, or other recommended treatments are typically not completed during the check-up appointment.  They are rescheduled for another appointment.


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